Private lessons

Private lessons

Private lessons are the best option if you are looking for full dedication and optimal support in your development. Your wishes and short- and long term goals are the top priority in the private lessons. With private lessons you are sure to get the personal attention you need.

Helia Dance Academy welcomes you to the private 100m2 dance studio with professional dance floor and 10m mirror wall, that will be solely dedicated to you. Upon registering for private lessons, you will be contacted by Helia personally to discuss the contents of the lessons. If you are travelling from far, you will be guided with the travel details and it is possible to arrange a good accomodation for very low prices. So don't hesitate and sign up now!


Private single lessons

With single private lessons you have the flexibility to create a plan that suits your time, budget and needs.

Ultimate flexibility

Develop your skills in a plan that suits your time, budget and needs.

Personal guidance

You will get full personal attention to your dance techniques, questions, personal tips and understanding of the background of the dance.

Great for orientation

Are you unsure which aspect of Persian Dance you want to focus on first? Single lessons are a great way to enjoy a mix of all and start your way from here.


Full service

Professional large dance studio

You will be welcomed to the Helia Dance Academy dedicated 100m2 dance studio that is created to educate Persian Dance professionals.

The room is a perfect square, making it easy to let yourself free in movements in all directions. You will not be limited by space to create the movements and turns you need.

The room is filled with a full sprung (floating) ballet-floor. The floor's smooth surface is ideal for feet movements and turning. Because it is a sprung floor, it absorbs shocks and makes it easier on your knees and joints.

The 10m mirror wall gives you a full view of your movements to provide instant feedback.

Dance Academy

Great value accomodation and travel

Although the usual hotel accomodations are available around the dance studio, we can offer you bed-and-breakfast options from fellow members of the dance school for real attractive prices.