Helia Dance Academy offers a range of courses to suit your specific needs. When you register for a private course, you are welcomed to the private 100m2 dance studio with professional dance floor and 10m mirror wall, that will be solely dedicated to you. If you are travelling from far, you will be guided with the travel details and it is possible to arrange a good accomodation for very low prices. So don't hesitate and sign up now!


Private Certified Intensive Course

The full-on intensive course everybody talks about. The Private Certified Intensive Course is a well-balanced set of instructions and lessons that provides you with the foundation you need to become a true Persian Dance professional. The course includes theory and practice of the movements, understanding music and rythms, creating professional choreographies and important elements that seperates a beginner from a professional in live performances.

The Private Certified Intensive Course centers you as the most important part of your dance. The course enhances your knowledge and skills of Persian Dance, while enabling you to get the most out of your own dance, emotions and style.

No.1 course in the industry

The Private Certified Intensive Course is the best option available if you are searching for a full-on certified course to become a certified Persian Dance Professional.

Full program

You'll get a versatile program with focus on all the important aspects of being a professional Persian Dancer, like movement techniques, music understanding & interpretation, creating choreographies and performing on stage.

Tailor-made for you

Although the knowledge and techniques you'll learn are predefined, the way you will learn it and the subjects you would like to put emphasis on, depend on your personal preferences. This course if about you and getting the most out of you as a dancer.


Group Intensive Certificated Foundation Course

The Group Intensive Certificated Foundation Course is an ideal option for group courses. This special course lays a perfect foundation of Helia's Persian Dance method. The Group Certificated Intensive Foundation Course offers a targeted education consisting of 25 hours of lessons for groups. The course will start with basic techniques arms and foot positioning. The second phase focuses on basic combinations, the history and ideas behind the dance, techniques, basic understanding of the music and music interpretation. In the end you get your certificate of the Group Intensive Certificated Foundation Course Persian dance.

Professional group training

Group Intensive Certificated Foundation Course is the best option available if you are searching for a full-on certified course for groups, group workshops or festival events.


The Group Intensive Certificated Foundation Course offers a Certification for every dancer that completes the course.

Step-up course

Helia Dance Academy offers a special step-up course for those who would like to receive a full Private Certified Intensive Course certification.


Certified Instructor Course

At Helia Dance Academy we offer a partner program to enable teachers to educate our unique educational method to their students and become a licensed partner to educate our training method in your personal Persian Dance classes.

Online and Private lessons

It is possible to take the full course through online lessons or private lessons. The course planning is flexible to suit your schedule.

Full documentation

This training method brings you up-to-speed, provides you with the knowledge and skills you need to professionally educate Persian Dance to your students and contains detailed documentation needed to instruct your students.

Become a licensed partner

After passing the full training program, you can become a licensed partner. You are allowed to present your dance school as an official Helia Dance Academy Certified Partner and you are awarded with the Helia Dance Academy Advanced Instructor title.


Full service

Professional large dance studio

You will be welcomed to the Helia Dance Academy dedicated 100m2 dance studio that is created to educate Persian Dance professionals.

The room is a perfect square, making it easy to let yourself free in movements in all directions. You will not be limited by space to create the movements and turns you need.

The room is filled with a full sprung (floating) ballet-floor. The floor's smooth surface is ideal for feet movements and turning. Because it is a sprung floor, it absorbs shocks and makes it easier on your knees and joints.

The 10m mirror wall gives you a full view of your movements to provide instant feedback.

Dance Academy

Great value accomodation and travel

Although the usual hotel accomodations are available around the dance studio, we can offer you bed-and-breakfast options from fellow members of the dance school for real attractive prices.