The number one destination for professional Persian Dance lessons

Get ready to learn from the best! Helia's Persian Dance classes are highly rated for a reason. Students travel from all over the world to dive into the extreme amount of knowledge and high technical skills that make Helia the unique dancer, choreographer and evangelist of Persian Classical Dance that she is.

Whether you want to just get up to speed quickly, want to learn how to choreograph, enhance yourself in a specific area, want to become a true Persian Dance master or want to develop your background knowledge, Helia Dance Academy is the number one destination! Experience yourself and sign up today!

No.1 education method

The training methods of Helia Dance Academy are unique, based on standardized fundamentals that capture the essence of the dance and provide a deep understanding of where the dance originates from. This has resulted in a standardized foundation that is unique in the world and provides a highly successful method of education.

Complete package

Students immensely appreciate the attention to background, understanding of the origin and meaning of the elements of the dance, structured approach, massive improvement of technical abilities and the attention to their own special character and expressions in the dance.

Uniqueness in you

Helia Dance Academy recognizes uniqueness in all students and enables them to express themselves in Persian Dance.

"Helia's musical interpretation is beyond words. She is such an inspiration to me as a dancer"

Private lessons

No type of learning beats an intensive one-on-one private class. Treat yourself with this unique opportunity to dance for hours at a time, ask all the questions you want and surprise yourself with what you can achieve in such short period of time.

Online lessons

Through the Helia Online Academy you can start with online lessons with master of Persian Dance Helia from every corner of the world.

Special themes

Do you want to take an in-depth look at a specific theme, like creating choreographies? Then theme packs are the perfect opportunity to make it happen! In a specialized 10-hour short course, you will focus on your theme of choice to gain the knowledge and skill you are searching for.


What others say

"She dances with the entire universe"

Iris Rohmann

When Helia dances, she dances with the entire universe. Sometimes vigorous, sometimes subtle, but always accurate and in deep concentration. Helia's art is a feast for the eyes and she herselve is nothing less!

"The grace of a butterfly"

Catarina Ribeiro

She has the grace of a butterfly and the accuracy of a spear. Her smile is kind and her hands look like little birds flying in the sky. Each step is effortless and clean, making me believe she is floating in the air..